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2024 - We Made It!

2023 was not and easy year for the Wargin Family. LOTS of challenging moments on the personal level, professional and even environmental. Denise had 4 surgeries and came out with stellar results (medical lottery wins as she says) and is coming back to health. Zena graduated 5th grade to middle school, grew 3 inches and just helped dad with pruning. We added to our clan with our little "Raussie" - Buddy. Yes you will probably see him and his mentor our little Lulu at the tasting room and vineyards from time to time. Mikael is expanding his vineyard management foot print and the team is expanding our patio foot print for more events (welcome back First Friday) and fabulous new releases this year. We are so grateful for 2023 to be behind us and are still celebrating the year to come. Happy New Year!

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